Systems Management
Downtime costs money. Let us keep your network under control, deploying software, antivirus updates, and security updates server side. This will minimize the time your staff needs to step away from their desks while assuring your infrastructure remains up to date with all the latest patches to keep your data secure.

Wireless Computing
Wi Fi, Bluetooth , 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g: What does it all mean and what do you need? Let us be your dictionary and make sure you implement the right solutions to meet your needs.

Network Migration
Struggling with antiquated software and/or workstations? Time to migrate to something more modern. we can design and implement efficient solutions to upgrade your infrastructure while creating minimal disruption.

Network Study
Finding the right network topology and layout is a major factor to consider when there is a future expansion scheme within your organization. Knowing the right technology to use in building and maintaining your network should be handed to experts. Saving a couple of dollars today you can pay 10 times more in the future.

LAN / WAN & Network Installation
Installing Local Area Networks within your offices ranging from wired to wireless.Wide Area Network include all your branches (No matter how wide even worldwide).

Deployment, Implementation & Installation
We can bring order to network chaos by standardizing workstation builds. As a total solution provider, we can supply , custom build, and install systems to meet your exact needs, to ensure standards across your network.

Hardware Maintenance
We provide maintenance for Servers, Desktop and Laptop PCs, Printers, Scanners, Network Photocopies and Faxes.


Service Contracts
Monthly and yearly contracts are available. You also have the choice to go for on call basis services.

Structured Cabling
We provide and support in the most professional manner the cabling infrastructure: Structured cabling laying, installation, testing and certification as well as a large choice of structured cabling components and accessories.

Internet Connectivity
From dial up to DSL to fiber, Synergy will assist you in implementing to right solution for your needs and budget. Whether traveling, mobile office, working from home or accessing the Internet from your desk, we can help.

Maintenance & Technical Support
We believes in personalized support. We want you to know your support technicians and that's why we assign a lead to each and every client site. They will be there to help you with your support issues.
Be it software problems, hardware repairs, new installations or system upgrades we want you to know who you're working with. We believe in fixing the client as well as the problem. We understand the aggravation of not being able to do your work and aim to do ours as professionally as possible to get you back to yours.

Help Desk
We provide technical services help desk is the hub of our support operation. From it, we are able to track everything we do for you, prioritize your workload and provide you with detailed reporting.

IT Audit & Consultancy
Corporations today are certain that proper IT Audit and Consulting saves money and time. Step - by step we can assist you to invest in the right way, manage and supervise hardware and software purchases and installation.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
From secure personal remote access to securing your Wide Area Network, we can deliver the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Server Computing & Thin Client Computing
Centralized computing solutions are not right for everyone. We'll help you decide whether they will work for you and help tie them into your technology infrastructure

Total Security Solutions
Our target is to protect your system from tampering, be it from internal or external sources. Security solutions provided by us will protect your data and your system from viruses, hackers, and malicious users.